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All characters are on the Tunare server.


  • Reorx Holybeard -- Level 75 Dwarven Cleric, 460 AAs
  • Thraag Holybeard -- Level 75 Ogre Beastlord, 470 AAs
  • Dougann Redhammer -- Level 75 Dwarven Rogue, 490 AAs


  • Auto-update the item database from eq-items
  • Update the spell database (need spell parser)
  • Log parser
  • More newbie oriented guides (unofficial game manual)
  • Maps? (a Google maps style would be great but how?)
  • More work/tweaks on item sets (add default sets)
  • Tweak the item image style
  • Stream video from an EQ session
  • Bug list (article for each bug?)
  • Skill/discipline list/descriptions
  • AA list/descriptions
  • Spell search
  • Spell listing
  • Titles
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