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Secrets of Faydwer (SoF) is the latest Everquest expansion released on 13 November 2007.




See Bugs for a detailed list of all outstanding and resolved bugs for the expansion.


See the SoF Patch Notes for a list of all official features. Some of the more notable ones are detailed below.

Major Features

  • Level 80 -- Just when you filled your experience bar its time to grind another 5 levels!
  • 15 New Zones -- Fifteen new zones for high level (70+?) characters: Dragonscale Hills,
  • Heroic Items -- Increase your statistics cap and gain additional benefits with these items.
  • New Item Mods -- Several new mods to look for on items.

Minor Features

  • Multi-Core CPU Support -- You can now explicitly set the processor affinity for the game. Note that this is to fix issues running the game on some multi-core processors and will not result in increased game performance.
  • Procs Reseting Melee Round Bug -- Missing from the patch notes but confirmed by a dev as being fixed in the update.
  • Loot All -- Finally, after years of players requesting it, a "Loot All" button has been added to the corpse window in addition to the Shift-Right-Click shortcut.
  • AC Mitigation Changes -- All classes (some more than others) have their AC cap and over-the-cap AC returns improved.
  • Book of Legends -- Players who have attended a live Everquest events or Fan Faire have their names in the Book of Legends, available in the Plane of Knowledge library.
  • NPC Offense Changes -- As reported by a dev, NPCs in SoF have had their offense adjusted such that their DPS is similar to previous NPCs but their average hit will be higher. The result of this change is that player AC will have a more pronounced effect as well as offensive debuffs cast on the NPC.

Useful Links

  • In-Game Maps -- As usual an excellent set of maps from Obsqura the friendless lizard.
  • General Info -- General expansion information and features from the knowledge pit.
  • Spell Locations -- Quick list of where to buy your Tier I spells from.
  • AAs -- List and brief description of all expansion AAs.
  • Launch Day Guide -- A possibly useful list of links and sources of information from EQPlayers.
  • Group Gear -- A good list of groupable gear in the expansion organized by class and tiers.
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