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The Secrets of Faydwer expansion introduced many new spells for all classes from level 76 to 80. All spells have three ranks which can be obtained in a combination of vendor, drops, and raids. Most, but not all, Rank I spells are vendor bought.

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Spell Drops

Some Rank I and all Rank II spells can be found from drops by regular (non-raid) NPCs.

Dragonscale Hills

  • Armor of ??? (Pal/78) -- From beetles around the skeleton near the level 76 spell vendor (x, y)

Loping Plains

  • Talisman of the Puma I (Shm/??) -- Bloodmoon Mystic (Orc Shaman)
  • Talisman of the Puma I (Shm/??) -- SW corner, Kritha villager

Bloodmoon Keep

  • Ward of the Resolute Rk2 (Clr/??) --
  • Chromassault (Clr/79) --

Hills of Shade

  • Solarsilver (Dru/78) -- Blackwater camp in Hills of Shade near the Level 80 spell vendor
  • Chromassault (Clr/79) -- Blackwater camp in Hills of Shade near the Level 80 spell vendor
  • Hallowed Ground (Clr/??) --
  • Promised Restoration (Clr/??) --
  • Bite of the Brownie I (Shm/??) -- Undead
  • Rolist's Drowse I (Shm/??) -- Undead

Raid Spells

Raid spells (rank 3) are obtained by looting various runes on raids and turning them in to the relevant NPC:

Kalim`Kar the Gold, Dragonscale Hills
Location: 2293, -1641, 320

There are three types of runes for the various level of spell/disc

  • Humming Finsternacht Rune: Level 76 Spells/Tomes
  • Whirring Clockwork Rune: Level 77 and 78 Spells/Tomes
  • Glowing Prismatic Rune: Level 79 and 80 Spells/Tomes

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