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The following bugs are outstanding and have yet to be officially fixed.

Some players have reported NPCs in previous zones hitting for significantly more damage. At this point it is not confirmed and merely may be post-patch jitters. A formula and parse review by the devs have shown no difference in DPS/mitigation pre and post patch. See this post on the official forums for details.
NPC Channels 
NPC death messages are now output in the 'say' channel as opposed to the 'other' channel as previous to SoF. Similarily, NPC talk is now output in say and cannot be filtered from player says.
Missing Armor 
Plate wearers may notice their visible armor pieces disappearing. This is only a visual bug and does not affect your character's stats. You should be able to make them reappear by clicking or re-equipping them.
Spontaneous Hair 
When an illusion drops you might have hair you didn't have before (not confirmed, sketchy details).
Some NPC models in the new SoF zones are showing up as Dougs (human models). Sometimes repatching or doing a complete file check solves this issue.
Level 76 Spell Lore 
Although the level 76 spells are marked as lore the vendor will still take your cash if you attempt to buy a second copy. Apparently this may be an outstanding bug not specific to the SoF expansion.
Auto-Loot Issues 
If you attempt to auto-loot your own corpse and have auto-split on you will 'share' all your coins with the rest of the group, just as though you were looting an NPC corpse. If you don't feel generous make sure that auto-split is off. There are also reported issues of having to auto-loot your own corpse more than once to get all items (wait until all items are displayed before hitting Loot-All) and even going link-dead when using this feature.
Visual Issues 
Textures may appear too dark/light if you have advanced lighting, h/w shaders, or shader 1.1 off in the advanced display options (the exact option varies from person to person). Some players are also reporting problems with the new fog system rendering everything gray.
Win98/ME Issue 
Users of Windows 98/ME receive the error message "A required .DLL file USERENV.DLL was not found" when attempting to run the launchpad, preventing them from running the game. A dev has confirmed this is unintended and is looking into it.
The auto-play checkbox on the new launcher is missing.
Multi-Core Changes 
Some have reported the multi-core changes are not working which may result in your UI not responding.
/alt list Crash 
Some players experience a crash when running the '/alt list' command (perhaps only certain classes?).
Pathing in some previous zones (HoH, Dawnshroud, Jewel of Atiki) seems to have gotten noticably worse after the patch.
Pre-Order Expansion Flagging 
Some people who pre-ordered the expansion have reported that some of their previously purchased expansions have become unflagged (i.e., the server-select screen reports as them not having it). This seems to just be a display issue and in-game you can still access the 'missing' expansion. This has been reported as fixed although there still may be a display issue until your account's billing is updated. See also this post on the support forums.
Falling a short distance, at least in Loping Plains, can result in 200k damage.
Paladin MGB/LoH 
It seems that the MGB and LoH AAs for Paladins now share the same timer.
Movement Buffs 
Movement buffs (SoE, FoE) seem to have a random duration (fade without warning, even in the guild hall).
Ranger Attack 
Some Rangers have seen a drop of ~100 Attack points after the patch. This has been reported to be due to removing the Ranger innate attack bonus after a certain level and replacing it by more attack on self-buffs. Not all Ranger self-buffs, however, may have been correctly updated.
Zone Lag 
Some new zones, particularily Loping Hills, are experiencing abnormally high lag, apparently both server and client side.
Some existing and new class auras, particularily the Enchanter's experience mod aura, are being reported as not working. Either it cannot be cast or no one in the group receives the icon/effect.


The following bugs are confirmed and fixed but have not yet been patched.

When attempting to cast a familiar you receive the "This target does not meet the spell requirements" error message. This is confirmed by a dev and should be fixed in an upcoming patch.
Running Into Walls Slow Down 
Running into walls results in a large decrease in running speed. This has been noted as unintended by a dev and already fixed (yet to be patched to live).
Moondancer Pendant Clickie 
Using this clicky, for the quest 'The Departed', results in you being unable to use other clickies. This has been noted by a dev and will be fixed in an upcoming patch (?).
Worg Pre-Order Reward 
Some people who pre-ordered the expansion did not receive the Worg in their claims. This should be fixed in a day or two once billing issues are resolved. The Worg clicky reward also has an incorrect lore group setting which prevents you from receiving it if you have your epic 2.0. This has been noted and should be fixed shortly (when?).


The following bugs have been resolved and should no longer be present.

You can no longer log into the game using the /patchme option on the original game launcher to bypass the patch process, such as those using WinEQ2. You receive a message to the effect of "Login servers not available" even though they are. To fix this either use the new launcher or remove the /patchme command line option. This issue should now be fixed (no patch required).
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