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Starting out in EverQuest can be a daunting challenge. With many players having invested eight or more years into playing the game, catching up with them seems impossible - thankfully this is not the case. This section aims to give new starters to the game the help they need to play and enjoy EverQuest.

Jargon can be confusing sometimes - please consult the link for some common terms

Basic Summary of EQ

Everquest is a Massively Multiplayer On-line Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) situated in a fantasy world called Norrath.

Selecting a character

Once the game is installed, the first thing a player needs to do is create a character. Please see below for a summary of the characters and how they fit in. No one character can do everything (although some come closer to it than others).

The classes can be broadly categories in several different fashions, but one way to group them is by the type of armour they can wear.

Plate classes: Warrior: pure melee, just sit there and take it - they're great at agro and taking damage, and do reasonable damage in return

Cleric: pure priest caster - best heals and HP buffs

Paladin: hybrid war/cleric, skilled at agro control through their stuns and keeping the group alive through group heals

Shadowknight: hybrid war/necro - good tank, can do well as pullers, and can do very good damage while their mana lasts - not much they can do to help a group, other than tanking, pulling and mana taps.

Bard: very versatile, arguably the most powerful class in the game, work very well in groups - high learning curve to be good

Chain Classes:

Rogue: pure melee - mainly a damage dealer, but good at scouting too.

Berzerker: pure melee - lots of damage, nothing much else

Shaman: pure priest caster, best stat buffs and debuffs in the game, decent heals and good damage via long duration damage spells

Ranger: hybrid war/druid - quite self sufficient, some useful buffs for other people, good at controlling unwanted extra monsters and do reasonable damage


Monk: pure melee - good damage, good to pulling single monsters, no utility

Druid: pure priest caster - utility class, 2nd best healer, good damage via long duration spells, and lots of extras

Beastlord: hybrid monk/shaman +pet; excellent soloing class, some good spells, but conflicts with shaman spells of course


Enchanter: pure int caster - crowd control class, best mental stat buffs in game, and best at dealing with magic (buff/debuff/cancel)

Mage: pure int caster - nuking class with pet and some utility, mostly damage dealing, best pet in game

Necromancer: pure int caster - high damage via spells, some utility though not particularly group utility, decent pet

Wizard: pure int caster - pure damage class via nukes

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