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This is the account of the progression of my new alt, Biggen Longtoes, Halfing Warrior of Brell on the Tunare server. Playing a Warrior is new for me but I've been doing research and figuring out the best way of equipping and leveling him up to be a good tank.

While some of this will be specific to a Warrior, most of it can probably be applied to leveling and equiping any new character these days.

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Leveling -- 55 to 65

I choose to leech XP by grouping my Warrior with my level 79-80 characters and boxing things in Dragonscale, getting loot in the process. By using Lesson these 10 levels can be done in a little over a week (30-60 minutes each day).

If you don't want to continue to power level you probably want to get a better set of equipment before finding a real group. You'll also want to check out and practice any skills that aren't maxed, or close to maxed, by your quick leveling.

Equipping -- Level 65

Level 65 can be obtained in under 12 hours played by taking advantage of Lesson over the course of a few weeks. I aimed for level 65 as soon as possible as that is when all of the T1 SoF non-visible armor and weapons become equippable.

A good amount of the T1 SoF gear can be very cheaply purchased in the Bazaar or, if you're cheap like me, a few days of hitting some camps in Dragonscale Hills and Loping Plains. For the visible armor I choose cultural which gives some decent AC and HP.

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