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Class: Enchanter
Archetype: Purecaster
Role: Utility-Slower/Debuffer), Crowd Control, Support
Races: Dark Elf, Drakkin, Erudite, Gnome, High Elf, Human
Alignment: n/a
Melee skills: Feeble (weapon bonuses do not apply)
Weapon Types: Piercing, One-handed Blunt, Two-handed blunt, throwing weapons)
Armor: Feeble (Cloth)
Spell use: Yes

Pet Class: Yes

  • Pet Rating: (summoned) Weak; (charmed) variable, up to Devastating



As distinct from their purecaster brethren, the Enchanter is not known for his spell damage. While possessing his own lines of DoTs and DDs, the damage output of these spells is meager compared the the DDs of the Wizard or Magician, or the DoTs of the Necromancer. While possessing a summoned pet, the Enchanter's Animation not nearly as powerful as those of the Necromancer or Magician. Also, due to certain restrictions, such as the lack of command functions and no line of pet haste or heals, the Enchanter Animation pet is more limited in its utility.

While deficient in spell damage, the Enchanter is unequaled in charm spells (all types of mobs), mezzes (single target, target-based area-of-effect and point-blank area-of-effect), stuns (point-blank area-of-effect and single target, also possessing the highest level cap among player characters). While surpassed by Bard overhaste in terms of sheer speed of their haste buffs, the higher level Enchanter haste comes with an attack rating bonus, a bonus to improve the chances of scoring a critical hit and statistic buffs, making it the most powerful haste in the game. In addition, they command the mana regeneration buffs that most mana-using classes consider indispensable. In terms of debuffs, the Enchanter commands the second most powerful slow spells in the game (surpassed only by the Shaman), and is unsurpassed in other debuffs.

In terms of spells, there is actually very little an Enchanter cannot do to some degree, the most notable exceptions are healing type spells and snare.

Alternate Advancements

The following AAs are available to Enchanters per their archetype and class.


  • Arcane Tongues (3 Ranks, 3/6/9) reduces the chance of failure on research combines. Each rank reduces the chance of failure by 10%, 25% and 50% respectively.
  • Armor of Wisdom (5 Ranks, 6AAs/rank) increases innate Armor Class rating by roughly 20 per rank.
  • Companion's Alacrity (3 Ranks, 7AAs/rank) provides a chance for any summoned pet (including Phantasmal Opponent, Doppelganger and the Animation Pet, but excluding charmed mobs) a chance to flurry, subsequent ranks increasing this chance.
  • Companion's Blessing (6 Ranks, 7/8/9/7/8/9) is an activated pet Heal over Time which also provides damage mitigation and may be used on charmed mobs or Animation pets. (Swarm pets, such as Doppelganger and Phantasmal Opponent, cannot benefit from activated Pet AAs including Companion's Blessing.) Strictly speaking, each rank is not a single Heal over Time, but four consecutive Heals over Time, 3 ticks each. Each consecutive Heal over Time heals for a greater amount than the previous and provides additional mitigation. The chart below shows the starting amount of each rank of Companion's Blessing and the amount of healing and mitigation provided by the first heal in the series. Subsequent heals in the series will provide an additional 200/tick than the previous and grant another 20% mitigation until 2000 points are absorbed. Since this ability is not technically a single buff of 12 ticks, but a series of four connected buffs, buff extensions (worn or innate) do not apply. The chart below displays each heal in the series of each rank of Companion's Blessing, both the amount healed/tick and the percentage of incoming damage mitigated/the cap of damage absorbed.

Healing and Mitigation Provided by each Rank of Companion's Blessing for each three-tick Heal of the Series
First Three Ticks Second Three Ticks Third Three Ticks Final Three Ticks
Rank Healing Mitigation Healing Mitigation Healing Mitigation Healing Mitigation
First 1200/tick 10%/1000 1400/tick 20%/2000 1600/tick 20%/2000 1800/tick 20%/2000
Second 1500/tick 15%/1500 1700/tick 20%/2000 1900/tick 20%/2000 2100/tick 20%/2000
Third 1800/tick 20%/2000 2000/tick 20%/2000 2200/tick 20%/2000 2400/tick 20%/2000
Fourth 2000/tick 20%/2000 2200/tick 20%/2000 2400/tick 20%/2000 2600/tick 20%/2000
Fifth 2200/tick 20%/2000 2400/tick 20%/2000 2600/tick 20%/2000 2800/tick 20%/2000
Sixth 2400/tick 20%/2000 2600/tick 20%/2000 2800/tick 20%/2000 3000/tick 20%/2000

  • Companion's Durability (6 Ranks, 3 AAs/rank) is a passive ability that increases the hit points of the Enchanter's summoned pets (including the Animation, Doppelgangers and Phantasmal Opponent but excluding charmed pets) by 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11% per rank.
  • Companion's Fury (3 Ranks, 7 AAs/rank) allows your pet an innate chance to score a critical hit. With Yozan's Animation, this appears to be approximately 3% (~1%/rank) and his top hit is 416.
  • Critical Affliction (6 Ranks, 3/6/9/3/6/9) allows a 3% chance/rank of each tick of the Enchanter's Damage over Time spells administering a critical amount of damage. At maxed level, each tick of the Enchanter's DoT has an 18% chance of critting. Successive ranks, to the third rank, also increase the amount of crit damage. At Rank 1, a critical DoT tick will do 33% damage, Rank 2 will increase the damage by 66%, Ranks 3-7 will increase the damage by 100%.
  • Destructive Fury (12 Ranks, 3/6/9/6/6/6/7/9/12/7/9/12) increases the amount of damage done by a critical cast over the 100% improvement of Rank 3 of Spell Casting Fury.
  • Expansive Mind (20 Ranks, 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/7/8/9/10/12/7/8/9/10/12) raises the cap of mana regeneration allowed by gear by 1 mana point/rank.
  • Fortify Companion (6 Ranks, 6AAs/rank) is an activated AA of 10 minute duration, which provides the caster's pet (including charmed mobs) with increased damage shield mitigation, increased avoidance, increased melee and spell damage mitigation and an Armor Class rating bonus. While this ability is usable every 30 minutes, Hastened Fortify Companion can shorten this duration.

The benefits conferred by each rank are listed in the chart below.

Benefits Provided by Each Rank of Fortify Companion

Rank Damage Shield Mitigation Melee Avoidance Melee Damage Mitigation Spell Damage Mitigation Armor Class Bonus
First 20 20% 10%/100,000 10%/100,000 +14
Second 30 30% 10%/100,000 10%/100,000 +22
Third 40 40% 10%/100,000 10%/100,000 +29
Fourth 42 42% 11%/100,000 11%/100,000 +32
Fifth 44 44% 12%/100,000 12%/100,000 +35
Sixth 46 46% 13%/100,000 13%/100,000 +38

  • Fury of Magic (12 Ranks, 3/6/9/3/6/9/6/6/6/7/9/12) increases the chances of the Enchanter performing a critical cast with Direct Damage spells. Unlike the prerequisite Spell Casting Fury, Fury of Magic in no way improves the damage aspect of critical casts, only the chances of making one. Beyond the 7% chance of casting a critical Direct Damage spell with the final rank of Spell Casting Fury, Fury of Magic improves the chances by 2% per rank.
  • Gate (1 Rank, 3, require level: 55) functions like the spell of the same name, teleporting the caster to their bind point. Like the spell, it is subject to the occasional arbitrary collapse. It has a two-second cast time (the spell has a five second cast time) and a one-minute reuse timer.
  • Gift of Amazing Exquisite Radiant Mana (1 Rank, 9 AAs) allows a 10% of each nuke or DoT cast by the Enchanter a 10% chance of proccing a "Gift of Amazing Exquisite Radiant Mana," allowing the next nuke or DoT to be cast for a single point of mana.
  • Gift of Exquisite Radiant Mana (1 Rank, 9 AAs) functions like Gift of Mana and Gift of Radiant Mana, retaining the same 10% chance, but works on damage spells from level 76 to 80. This AA is a prerequisite to Gift of Amazing Exquisite Radiant Mana.
  • Gift of Mana (3 Ranks, 3/6/9) allows the Enchanter's damage spells a chance to proc a "gift of mana," allowing the next damage spell to be cast for a single point of mana. Each rank allows the chance for this proc at 3, 6 and 10%. This AA is a prerequisite to Gift of Radiant Mana.
  • Gift of Radiant Mana (1 Rank, 9 AAs) functions like Gift of Mana, retaining the same 10% chance that the final rank of Gift of Mana confers, but works on damage spells from level 71 to 75. This AA is a prerequisite to Gift of Exquisite Radiant Mana.
  • Hastened Fortify Companion (3 Ranks, 4 AAs/rank) is a passive ability that will reduce the reuse time of Fortify Companion by two minutes per rank.
  • Hastened Silent Casting (6 Ranks, 6 AAs/rank) is a passive ability that will reduce the reuse time of Silent Casting by two minutes per rank.
  • Innate Enlightenment (5 Ranks, 3 AAs/rank, required level: 55) raises the caps on Intelligence and Wisdom by 10 points/rank.
  • Mastery of the Past (15 Ranks, 3/3/3/5/5/5/7/7/7/8/8/8/8/8/8, prequisite: Spell Casting Expertise) is a passive AA which continues the progression of Spell Casting Expertise, making it impossible to fizzle spells of a certain level or below. Rank 1 affects all spells 53 and below; Rank 2, 55; Rank 3, 57; Rank 4, 61; Rank 5, 63; Rank 6, 65; Rank 7, 66; Rank 8, 68; Rank 9, 70; Rank 10, 71; Rank 11, 73; Rank 12, 78; Rank 13, 79; Rank 14, 80.
  • Mental Clarity (18 Ranks, 2/4/6/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5) raises the innate mana regeneration of the caster by 1 point/rank.
  • Mental Stamina (5 Ranks, 5 AAs/rank) is a passive ability that increases the Enchanter's overall mana pool by 50 points/rank.
  • Mnemonic Retention (2 Ranks, 3/6) allows one additional spell gem/rank.
  • Perfected Levitation (1 Rank, 7 AAs) is an instant cast, self-only, levitation that will last indefinitely, barring dispels, the Enchanter removing it, or death.
  • Persistent Casting (6 Ranks, 3/6/9/6/6/6) is an AA that allows the Enchanter a chance to continue his casting despite being stunned in mid-cast. There is no specific message for the operation of this AA, only that the casting continues despite the stun. This assumes that the caster has not otherwise been interrupted by excessive damage or pushes and that the stun has not been resisted due to AAs or stun resist modifiers on gear.
  • Persistent Minion (1 Rank, 7 AAs/rank) allows the Enchanter to suspend his Animation pet, camp, and have the pet still be available upon return. Suspended Minion, obviously, is a prerequisite.
  • Pet Affinity (1 Rank, 12 AAs) allows your pet to receive group buffs and will also allow targetable buffs allowed only on group members.
  • Quick Buff (3 Ranks, 3/6/9) is a passive AA that reduces the cast time of the Enchanter's beneficial spells with a duration by 10%, 25% and 50% per respective rank.
  • Secondary Forte (1 Rank, 9 AAs) is a passive ability that allows the Enchanter to advance one spell casting specialization by 50 points, whichever specialization progresses first above the cap becomes the secondary specialization.
  • Silent Casting (5 Ranks, 5 AAs) is an activated AA of one minute duration, during which time the spells cast by the Enchanter will generate up to 20% less aggro/rank. The amount generated on each cast is entirely random and the final rank will reduce hate by anywhere from 1 to 100%.
  • Spell Casting Expertise (3 Ranks, 2/4/6) is a passive AA that makes all spells below a certain level not subject to fizzling. Rank 1 affects all spells below 20; Rank 2, all spells below 35; and Rank 3, all spells below 52. (While spells may be rendered no longer subject to fizzling, any potential mishaps not caused by fizzling can still occur. For example, Gate, a level four spell, may no longer be fizzled, but the Gate is still subject to the arbitrary collapse.) This AA is a prerequisite to the AA, Mastery of the Past.
  • Spell Casting Fury (3 Ranks, 2/4/6, Level 55) increases the chances of performing a critical cast with direct damage spells and the damage increase per critical. At level one, the Enchanter has a 2% chance of performing a critical cast for an additional 33%. At level 2, the Enchanter has a 4% chance of casting a critical for an additional 66%. At level 3, the chances increase to 7% for 100% more damage.
  • Spell Casting Mastery (3 Ranks, 2/4/6, level 55) reduces the mana cost of all spells by 2, 5 and 10% at each respective rank.
  • Spell Casting Reinforcement, 3 Ranks, 2/4/6 is a passive AA that extends the duration of the Enchanter's buffs by 5, 15, and 30%. This AA is a prerequisite to the class AA, Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery, both of which stack with extension focus on gear.
  • Spell Casting Subtlety (12 Ranks, 2/4/6/4/4/4/7/9/12/7/9/12) is a passive AA that reduces the amount of hate generated by the Enchanter's spell casting by 5, 10, and 20% for the respective first three ranks. The amount of aggro reduction in subsequent ranks is unknown.
  • Summon Companion (1 Rank, 3 AAs) is an instant-cast version of the spell of the same name, reusable every 10 seconds, and will summon charmed mobs or the Animation pet.
  • Suspended Minion (2 Ranks, 5/3) allows the caster to remove his pet from the zone, just as if he dismissed it, but being able to recall it at will. A player with a suspended pet, practically speaking, is as a player without a pet. An Enchanter can charm a mob or create another pet while having a suspended pet, but the suspended pet cannot be unsuspended as long as the Enchanter has a charmed pet or another Animation pet. Upon purchasing the second rank, the player will be able to zone with a suspended pet, and have the pet retain all buffs (save combat innate illusions) and equipment when unsuspended.

Class Alternate Advancements

  • Animation Empathy (3 Ranks, 4/3/2) allows the Enchanter to give the standard pet commands to their Animation pets.
  • Arcane Whisper (2 Ranks 9/12) is an activated AA that reduces the hate generated by the Enchanter over the course of one minute. Rank 1 reduces the aggro by 500/tick and Rank 2 by 600/tick.
  • Auroria Mastery (1 Rank 12 AAs) is a passive AA allows an Enchanter to cast two auras at once.
  • Azure Mind Crystal (2 Ranks 7 AAs/rank) is an instant cast activated AA that creates a blue crystal for a cost of 3000 mana. The crystal may be equipped on the potion belt and can be instantly harvested to replenish mana. The first rank restores 1425 mana, while the second rank restores 2425.
  • Beguiler's Banishment (1 Rank, 7 AAs, Level 73) is an activated AA that will affect up to three NPCs/mobs in a 30 degree wedge area of effect directly in front of the Enchanter within 200'. Mobs struck by this AA will be knocked back 16'in an arc that peaks at 4', Chromatic resist check at at -30 penalty applies. After the knockback, the mob is rooted barring a successful Chromatic resist check at -20. Mobs that cannot be rooted/snared are immune to this aspect. The root will last for three ticks, then the mob is blurred, the blur aspect of this ability has a 100% chance of success. The blur aspect will take effect at the completion of the three ticks whether the root is successful (or target is even rootable) or not.
  • Beguiler's Directed Banishment (1 Rank, 7 AAs, Level 73) is an activated, single target AA with a range of 200'. Upon activation, it knocks back a target 16' in an arc that peaks 4', a Chromatic resist check at -30 applies to avoid this effect. At the completion of the knockback, the target is rooted for three ticks, barring a Chromatic resist check at -30. Mobs that cannot be rooted/snared are immune to this aspect. Upon completion of the three ticks (whether root is successful or not) the target is irresistibly blurred with 100% reliability.
  • Bite of Tashani (1 Rank 6 AAs, level 83) is a point-blank, area of effect AA that reduces the magic resistance of all NPCs within 50' of the Enchanter by 40 for a duration of 14 minutes. This AA takes 1 second to cast and is completely irresistible.
  • Clinging Root (3 Ranks 6/6/8) is a passive AA that makes a mob less likely to break root when struck with a DD nuke or a DoT that has initial damage. It also extends the normal duration of root by 1 tick/rank.
  • Color Shock 3 Ranks 12 AAs/rank) is an instant-cast, self-only AA that lasts for 15 ticks, causing any mob striking the Enchanter a chance to proc a 4-second stun with a resist modifier of -50. Rank 1 can stun up to level 73. Rank 2 can stun up level 83, while Rank 3 can stun up to level 88.
  • Companion's Agility (3 Ranks 3/6/9) increases the avoidance of the Enchanter's summoned pets (including Animations, Doppelgangers, Phantasmal Opponent and clicky swarm pets) by 5, 7 and 10%.
  • Companion's Relocation (1 Rank 6 AAs) will move the Enchanter's pet (either Animation or charmed) 14' (and in an arc that peaks 1' up) in the direction the Enchanter is facing.
  • Deep Sleep (5 Ranks 5 AAs/rank) is a passive AA that causes a 3% chance/level of any mesmerization spell proccing a debuff that will cause a 3%/rank attack penalty on all skills the affected mob for 2 minutes. (At Rank 5, this debuff has a 15% chance of proccing a 15% attack penalty.) This debuff (Deep Sleep) is resisted against magic with a -500 penalty. Note that this proc does not depend upon the mezz being successful in order to land. It may land even if the mezz is resisted, the mezz used is capped too low for the mob, or the mob is unmezzable.
  • Destructive Cascade (7 Ranks 6 AAs/rank) increases the potential damage of the Enchanter's DoT crits. Rank 1 increases the damage by 107%; Rank 2, 115%; Rank 3, 125%; Rank 4, 130%; Rank 5, 135%; Rank 6, 140%; Rank 7, 150%.
  • Dimensional Instability (1 Rank 7 AAs) is an activated AA of 2 tick duration. At the beginning and end of the duration, the Enchanter is Shadowstepped in a random direction 10' away. During the two-tick activation, melee damage is mitigated by 50% until 10,000 points are absorbed and the aggro modifier is reduced by 65%.
  • Dire Charm (1 Rank 9 AAs) is an activated charm that will allow the Enchanter to permanently charm an NPC, level 46 or below. This ability is called Dominating Gaze and requires a six second cast time.
  • Doppelganger (9 Ranks 3/6/9/7/9/12/7/9/12) is an instant-cast AA which shadowsteps the Enchanter (Doppelganger Recourse is the name of this aspect) while creating a simulacrum of Enchanter where the Enchanter stood. This pet is created with one additional point of aggro higher than the Enchanter who created and will attack the Enchanter's targeted mob (within 150' range). This ability cannot be used on player characters, even in PvP situations. The Doppelganger fights with melee only and cannot cast spells. For the first three ranks, the Doppelganger has 1000 hp/rank, the HP of subsequent ranks are unknown. At level four through seven, two doppelgangers are produced instead of one, not simultaneously, but in rapid succession, the second created within one tick of the first. Passive pet AAs apply to the Doppelganger, such as Extended Swarm, Sturdy Companion, Companion's Fury and Companion's Alacrity (qv). The normal reuse timer of this AA is 30 minutes, while Doppelganger's Beckon can shorten the reuse.
  • Doppelganger's Beckon (3 Ranks 3/3/3) is a passive AA that reduces to reuse time of Doppelganger (qv) by 5 minutes/rank. 3 Ranks will reduce Doppelganger's Reuse time to 15 minutes.
  • Edict of Command (6 Ranks 3/6/9/6/6/6) is an activated charm with a that is resisted with a -1000 penalty, making it virtually irresistible, casting time is an unfocusable 5 seconds. Ranks 1, 2, and 3 are capped at level 70, available to an Enchanter at level 70. Rank 1 lasts for two minutes, while rank 2 lasts for four minutes and 3 lasts for six minutes. Subsequent ranks all retain the six minute duration, and all ranks are hard capped to charm mobs at a level equal to the level at which this AA becomes available. Rank 4 is available at 75; Rank 5, 80; and Rank 6, 85.
  • Eldritch Rune (11 Ranks 3/3/3/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5) is an instant-cast, activated AA that runes the Enchanter for 500 hp/rank for the first three ranks (i.e. 500/1000/1500). Subsequent ranks improve this rune by 300/rank (1800/2100/2400/2700/3000/3300/3600/3900). This spell has a 10 minute reuse timer and shares a timer with Veil of Mindshadow (qv).
  • Enchant Dwerium (1 Rank, minimum level of 60) is not earned with Alternate Advancement points, but is researched. Right clicking on the Ability: Enchant Dwerium in an open inventory slot will allow the Enchanter to gain the ability, which has a one hour reuse timer. To make the Ability: Enchant Dwerium, in a Spell Research Kit, combine one Fine Runic Papyrus, one Ink Additive of the Nameless, one Ink of Druzzil Ro, one Invigorating Thickener and one Quill of the Coercer. This ability allows the Enchanter to produce an enchanted bar of Dwerium from a bar of Dwerium. This ability is reusable after one hour.
  • Enchant Palladium (1 Rank, required level of 51) is not earned with Alternet Advancement points, but purchased from Palik Algrolm in the Commonlands tunnel. This ability allows the Enchanter to produce a bar of enchanted Palladium from a bar of Palladium and is reusable after one hour.
  • Enchant Palladium Trio (1 Rank)
  • Enchant Temporite (1 rank) is an activated ability that is not earned with Alternate Advancements, but researched. This ability allows the Enchanter to produce one bar of enchanted Temporite from a bar of Temporite. The ability is assimilated by right clicking on Ability: Enchant Temporite from an open inventory slot and is made by combining one Ink Additive of the Nameless, one ink of Druzzil Ro, one Invigorating Thickener, one Quill of the Coercer, and one Runic Papyrus in a Spell Research Kit (trivial 130).
  • Enhanced Forgetfulness (5 Ranks 3 AAs/rank) increases the chance of a successful memory blur by 5%/rank. Enhanced Forgetfulness works on the Enchanter's memory blur lines and nothing else. The blur aspect of mezzes is unaffected by this AA. In addition to the blur's base chance of landing, other factors include the caster's level (+25% over level 53) and Charisma (150 or above confers a 15% bonus).
  • Extended Swarm (3 Ranks 7 AA/rank) is an AA that will extend the duration of the Enchanter's swarm pet (Doppelganger, Phantasmal Opponent and any clicky swarm pet) by one second/rank. The ranks of this AA are available at level 81, 83 and 85.
  • Focus of Arcanum (1 Rank, 9, Level 81) is an activated self-only buff that reduces the chance of your spells being resisted by 25%. This AA is reuseable every 10 min
  • Fog of Memories (1 Rank 6) is an activated single-target memory blur with a base 30% chance of landing. Cast time is 2.5 seconds and the AA is reusable every 12 seconds.
  • Forceful Rejuvenation (1 Rank 7, level 81) will ungrey all spell gems instantly once per hour.
  • Fundament of Intellect (9 Ranks, 1 AA/rank, level 85) is a passive AA that confers 10 hp and adds 1 point to the intelligence cap per rank. Three ranks of this AA is a prerequisite to the First Spire of Enchantment. Six ranks of this AA are prerequisite to the Second Spire of Enchantment. Nine Ranks are prerequisite to the Third Spire of Enchantment.
  • First Spire of Enchantment (3 Ranks, 5 AAs/rank, Level 85, Fundament of Intellect at level 3) is an instant cast activated AA of 1.5 minute duration. It is a self-only buff that has a chance of creating a Doppelganger when the Enchanter is struck. This doppelganger will attempt to mezz the attacker.
  • Second Spire of Enchantment (3 Ranks 5 AAs/rank, Level 85, Fundament of Intellect at level 6) is an activated AA with a reuse timer of a 1.5 minute duration and a 10 minute reuse timer. This AA bestows an increase in the size of the mana pool and hyper mana regeneration in the group of the Enchanter's targeted player and the Enchanter himself (whether the Enchanter is in the target's group or not. The first rank will increase the mana pool by 500 for the duration and give an additional 200 mana/tick; the second, 750 to the mana pool, 250 mana/tick; the third, 1000 to the mana pool and 300 mana/tick.
  • Third Spire of Enchantment (3 Ranks 5 AAs/rank, Level 85, Fundament of Intellect at level 9) is an activated AA of a 1.5 minute duration and a 10 minute reuse timer. When this AA is activated, the Enchanter increases the targeted group's chances to critical by 5%, 6% and 7% each respective rank.
  • Gather Mana (1 Rank 5) is an activated AA that restores 10,000 mana.
  • Greater Mass Enchant Palladium (1 Rank 0)
  • Group Perfected Invisibility (1 Rank, 5 AAs, level 75) is an activated AA that renders the Enchanter's group invisible (without duration or chance of arbitrary fading). It's cast time is .5 seconds, and has an 18 second reuse timer.
  • Hastened Edict of Command (3 Ranks 6 AAs/rank, level 75)is a passive ability that reduces the reuse time of Edict of Command by 3 minutes/rank.
  • Hastened Gathering (3 Ranks 2 AAs/rank)
  • Hastened Veil of Mindshadow (3 Ranks 6 AAs/rank) is a passive AA that reduces the reuse time of Veil of Mindshadow by 30 seconds/rank. Upon purchasing Rank 3, The Enchanter's reuse time of VoM is 8 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Mana Draw (3 Ranks 9 AAs/rank) is an activated AA which is an upgrade to the Gather Mana AA, although the reuse timer is not benefited by Hastened Gathering. In addition to restoring a set amount of mana, this AA confers mana regeneration at an additional 500/tick for a full minute (buff extensions apply to this duration). Use of this AA will block other mana siphoning aspects, such as Scryer's Trespass and the recourse effect of the Mind Shatter line.
  • Mana Overburn (10 Ranks 5/6/6/7/9/5/6/6/7/9) is a passive AA reduces the reuse time of the Mana Flare line by 1 second/rank.
  • Mass Enchant Dwerium (1 Rank 0)
  • Mass Enchant Palladium (1 Rank 0)
  • Mass Group Buff (1 Rank 9)
  • Mesmerization Mastery (3 Ranks 12/8/8) is a passive AA that adds 1 tick/rank to the duration of all mezzes. This is especially useful for the Enchanters' point-blank, area of effect mesmerization spells, as the duration of these spells is normally one tick, extending the duration to four ticks allows the Enchanter time to recover the spell and reuse it before the previous mezz wears off.
  • Mind Over Matter 9 Ranks 3/6/9/7/9/12/7/9/12)
  • Nightmare Stasis (9 Ranks, 6 AAs/rank) is an activated ability to mesmerize a single target. This mesmerize is resisted against Magic a -1000 penalty, making it virtually irresistible. The duration of the mezz is a base three minutes (detrimental focus and mesmerisation mastery apply). The level cap of each rank of Nightmare Stasis is the level at which the rank becomes available to the Enchanter for purchase, plus three levels. Rank 1 is available at level 71, and will mezz up to level 74; Rank 2: 73, up to 76; Rank 3: 75, up to 78; Rank 4: 76, up to 79; Rank 5: 78, up to 81; Rank 6: 80, up to 83; Rank 7: 81, up to 84; Rank 8: 83, up to 86; Rank 9: 85, up to 88. Whether the Nightmare Stasis is allowed to run to completion of if the target is woken some time prior, the target is afflicted with a recourse called Waking Nightmare. This debuff is resisted against magic at a -1000 penalty and will last for a base one minute duration, causing the afflicted to suffer a 40% decrease in movement and a 70% slow.
  • Perfected Invisibility (1 Rank, 3 AAs) is an activated ability that renders the Enchanter invisible. This invisibility has no set duration and is not subject to random breaks. Barring death, dispels, voluntary removal, being attacked or attacking, this invisibility will last indefinitely. As this ability requires no spell gem and due to its fast cast time of .5 seconds, the Enchanter may find this very useful in breaking charm.
  • Permanent Illusion (1 Rank, 3 AAs) is a passive ability that allows all illusion spells cast upon the Enchanter, whether the Enchanter's own or those of another character (even those illusions which an Enchanter cannot cast), to be massively extended in duration (for all intents and purposes becoming permanent) and retained when zoning. This ability is identical to the Master of Disguise AA used by Rogues and Bards.
  • Pet Discipline (1 Rank, 6 AAs) is a passive ability that allows the Enchanter to give a "Hold" command to his pet (/pet hold is the command). While on "hold" pets will not add anything to their hate list, regardless of the provocation, and will not attack anything without being given the /pet attack command.
  • Phantasmal Opponent (1 Rank, 6 AAs) is an instant cast Alternate Advancement with a ten-minute reuse timer. When activated, it will create a simulacrum of the Enchanter's targeted mob which will then attack the target. While this pet has very low DPS (top hit: 75 points of damage), it taunts and has a base 100,000 hit points. Unless otherwise struck down, this pet will last for one minute duration. The benefits conferred by passive pet AAs, such as Companion's Alacrity, Companion's Fury, Sturdy Companion and Extended Swarm (qv) are all applicable to Phantasmal Opponent.
  • Project Illusion (1 Rank 4 AAs) will cause the next self-only illusion spell (including those conferred by clickable items) to land on the Enchanter's targeted group member. This is not castable on pets or on mercenaries, even if their owner is in the group and has the Pet Affinity Alternate Advancement. This ability has no restriction on range, requiring only that the player to be illusioned must be in the same group and in the same zone. (Note, the ability is not applicable to Combat Innate Illusions, such as Boon of the Garou, Trickster's Augmentation and Night's Dark Terror, which are targetable illusions, the former two being restricted to group members, and the latter upon any targetable player character or pet.)
  • Quick Buff (3 Ranks 3/6/9) is a passive ability that reduces the cast times of all buffs by 10, 25 and 50% per rank.
  • Quick Mass Group Buff (3 Ranks 3/6/9)
  • Quickened Suspend Minion (3 Ranks, 2 AAs/rank)
  • Sanguine Mind Crystal (2 Ranks 7 AAs/rank) instantly creates a red crystal for a mana cost of 3000. This crystal is equippable on the potion belt, and can be instantly harvested for health. The first rank restores 1150 hit points, while the second rank restores 2300.
  • Self Stasis (1 Rank 6 L70) is an activated AA with a 10 minute reuse timer that allows the Enchanter to mezz himself for 6 ticks (Mesmerization Mastery AA extends this duration 1/tick rank) which instant clears all aggro and causes all mobs to forget about the Enchanter. Like all mesmerization effects, damage (such as an AoE) will break the mezz.
  • Shield Block (3 Ranks 3/6/9)
  • Soothing Words (3 Ranks 3/6/9) is an instant cast AA that reduces the hate that the mob has for its current target, whether it's the caster himself or another target. This AA has a -1000 on the resist modifier making it virtually irresistible. Rank 1 reduces hate by 1000; Rank 2, 2500; Rank 3, 5000.
  • Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery (1 Rank, 8 AAs, level 59) is a passive ability with the prerequisite of Spell Casting Reinforcement, this will improve the duration of all buffs by 50%. This is the maximum extension allowed by AAs, as further extensions can only be done by the appropriate focus on the Enchanter's gear.
  • Stasis (3 Ranks, 3/6/9 AAs, Level 70) is a mesmerization effect that will land on mobs up to level 73. The advantage over a regular castable mezz is the 1.5 second cast time and -1000 on the target's magical resistance check. It is also a prerequisite to the more powerful Nightmare Stasis, which is the same AA, but with a progressively higher level cap.
  • Sturdy Companion (3 Ranks, 7/7/7, Rank 1 is available at level 83; Rank 2, 84; Rank 3 85) is a passive ability that grants further mitigation to all summoned pets (Animations, Doppelgangers, Phantasmal Opponent and any pet summoned with magical items).
  • Surreality (3 Ranks 6/6/6)
  • Total Domination (6 Ranks 2/4/6/7/9/12) is a passive AA that reduces the chances of charm breaks. While difficult to codify due to the mechanics involved in charm spells, the way it works is to have a chance to recharm a mob that would have otherwise broken charm. It will look to the caster as if Charm had never been broken. For the explanation of how charm spells work, see Charm. Basically, should a mob should a mob succeed in making its resistance check, this AA has a chance to act to reassert the charm. To the caster and all onlookers, it will appear as if the charm was never broken. How much chance each rank supplies is unknown, but at the sixth rank this chance is 50%. Possibly the first rank confers a 25% chance, and subsequent ranks allow an additional 5%. (This, however, is only speculation as there has been no testing to confirm or refute this hypothesis.)
  • Twincast (3 Ranks 7/7/7, Rank 1/81, Rank 2/82, Rank 3/83)is a passive AA that grants a 1% chance of twincast per rank.
  • Veil of Mindshadow (9 Ranks 6/6/6/7/7/7/7/7/7) is an instant-cast activated ability that confers 80% melee damage mitigation until a set amount of damage is absorbed or until the duration (36 minutes, buff extensions apply) of the ability expires. Rank 1 confers 3500 in damage absorption. Subsequent ranks allow an additional 500 in absorption/rank.


http://www.therunes.net for a para-SOE discussion forum regarding the Enchanter class.
http://lucy.allakhazam.com/ for detailed spell descriptions.
http://everquest.allakhazam.com/ The Everquest Page from Allakhazam.com, which is an information site regarding many MMORPGs
http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/forums/show.m?forum_id=167 The Enchanters Asylum, the Everquest Enchanter forum on Sony's board (paid member access only).

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