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There is a progression of three Dain monster missions which result in the decent reward of a Diamond Studded Coldain Historical Seal. This guide details how to complete the missions by using just 3 characters either boxed or not.


Getting the Missions

The mission giver is Dain`s Historian Duggans in Icewell Keep (ThurgadinB). Duggans can be found in the small room next to the throne at the top of the castle.

A basic guide to finding him is as follows:

  • From PoK use the Great Divide stone East of the Nexus stone.
  • Zone into Thurgadin West from the PoK stone in the Great Divide. If you have poor faction with the Dwarves you may wish to be invisible.
  • In Thurgadin travel around the city to the North zone out to Icewell Keep.
  • In Icewell continue North from the zone in to inside the keep.
  • Find the staircase up on the right side (left also gets you there) to the second floor.
  • Continue up to the third floor
  • On the third floor find the throne room towards the North and Duggan in a small room just East of the throne.

General Notes

  • The mission ends if the Dain character dies. All other characters are expendable and quickly respawn when killed.
  • Be sure to purchase all applicable AAs on each character. Run Speed is desireable on everyone.
  • Make appropriate combat/action hotkeys for each character. For example, a Taunt key for the Dain and a Backstab key for the Rogue.
  • Use the Cleric's Conviction buff and the Dain's clarity type buff when available.
  • Experience gained at level 80 is around 1.5 AAs. Make sure to loot the crystal from the final boss in each mission to get experience.
  • Each mission drops one piece of the augment. Turn this into Duggans afterwards to advance the progress of your Historial Seal.

Dain Frostreaver the First: The Founding of Thurgadin

To start this mission say "I would like to see for myself" to Duggan's and "I am ready" to enter the mission. The three Dwarves choosen should be the Dain, the cleric with Conviction, and the Rogue.

  • All giants (except the warlord at the end) will run pretty fast at about 20% health. Use the cleric's Instill spell to stop them.
  • From the zone in point travel SouthWest to the small fort and kill the Chieftan there. He is alone in the middle of the fort.
  • Travel a ways SouthWest to the middle of the zone around the Southern exit to the Dragon caves. This Chieftan is accompanied by a bunch of other giants. With just three characters it is very difficult or impossible to tank all at the same time. Instead, pull one of the regular giants with the Rogue's range attack and have him train them near to the Dain. The Dain will tag the Chieftan with his Thunder spell while the Rogue runs away with the rest. The Dain and the Cleric can handle the Chieftan by themselves. If the Rogue can escape aggro he can return to help the fight. Be sure to drag the Chieftan far enough away from his spawn point so you have enough time to kill/root him when he runs.
  • Find the third Chieftan on the middle West side of the zone near a dragon fort. Use the same technique as last time to pull and kill him.
  • Return to the entrance to Thurgadin at the North side of the zone and kill the 8 heart wolves there. They aren't particularily difficult to kill, tank or pull single.
  • The Warlord will then spawn close to the Thurgadin zone. Carefully move all characters into the zone out tunnel. The Dain should be on the East side, the Rogue on the West and the Cleric in the North. Have the Dain pull the Warlord with his Thunder spell. The Warlord has a nasty flux spell but if the Dain stays in the tunnel he shouldn't ever be pushed back far enough to be out of melee range. Make sure the Rogue is the second character to get aggro to protect the Cleric from eating Rampage. The Cleric should be chain casting Perfect Heal from start to finish (mana will not be an issue). Watch for Enrage at 10% health. Be careful when healing the Rogue if he gets low health from rampage. Use the Elixir spell on the Rogue from time to time if needed. If you try using Perfect Heal on the Rogue you risk having the Dain be killed if the Warlord gets a few lucky rounds.

Dain Frostreaver the Second: A Daring Raid

Say "show me" to Duggans to receive this mission and "I am prepared" to enter it. This mission can be long and frustrating if you attempt to rush it. The key is patience and careful pulls. Choose the Dain, the Cleric with Conviction, and the Rogue as your characters.

  • You are raiding the city of Kael which is populated with Scouts (light blue), Master Scouts (blue), and some various named giants (grey) that you can ignore.
  • The regular scouts all run at around 70% health. If they reach a point in the zone they will spawn 3-4 reinforcements which you'll have to deal with. Use the Cleric's Instill spell to stop the Scouts from running.
  • The first goal is to kill 10 Master Scouts. These do not run.
  • The Dain can easily tank 3-4 mobs at a time. Always use assist to kill one mob at a time starting with the Master Scouts since they do not run. When killing a regular Scout position the Cleric in the direction the Scout will run and start spamming Instill at around 70%.
  • For easier pulls keep the Dain and Cleric at the zone in and use the Rogue to pull. It is possible to seperate mobs once you get past the first group.
  • Once you've killed your 10 Master Scouts continue to the Scout Headquarters. As you approach you'll like be attacked by a few Scouts from inside. Once these are dealt with clear a few of the gray-con mobs from the room beside Omref. He'll run in this direction at low health.
  • Rush Omref in his room with the Dain and Rogue which will prevent the Cleric from getting rampage. Chain cast Perfect Heal to keep the Dain up. Be very careful of trying to heal the Rogue. Use only Elixir once in a while as Omref puts out more DPS than the Warlord in the previous mission. He'll run at low health but with the Dain and Rogue attacking he shouldn't make it far.
  • Once Omref is dead quickly loot his corpse. You'll need to get at least one character to the zone out in order to win the the mission. Lots of red-con Giants will start spawning and attacking in a minute or two.

Dain Frostreaver the Third: The Defense of Thurgadin

Say "?" to Duggan's to receive this mission and "?" to enter it. This is a fun mission but can be difficult unless you know some of the tricks to winning it easily. Select the Dain, the Warrior, and the Rogue as your characters, though other than the Dain the others do not matter much.

  • Setup the Dain next to General Lanix and hail him to complete the first mission step. Create the following three hotkeys on the Dain:
    /pause 15, /say Unit D forward
    /pause 15, /say Unit C forward
    /pause 15, /say Unit B forward
    /say Unit A forward
    /say Unit A fall back
    /say Unit B fall back
    /say Unit C fall back
    /say Unit D fall back
    /say Report
  • The idea behind the Attack macro is to get the four units as bunched up as possible rather than spread out. You can play with the pause settings to get a better bunch effect.
  • Note that the Dwarves only attack effectively when they are far from their camp. Do not train Giants or have the army attack from, or close to, their camp.
  • Run the Rogue to where the Giants start East of the Wizard's spire (also called control point 4 in this mission).
  • Run the Warrior to the spire around the center of the zone directly East from the Giants.
  • Once the Giants become active (there will be a 'buff' sound as well as a zonewide emote) tag the Warlord? with the Rogue's range attack and start running East. Assuming you have your Run AAs you will quickly out distance the Giants but don't get too far ahead.
  • Once the Giants reach the Wizard spire, or just before, have the Dain run his Attack hotkey.
  • Keep the Rogue running East and stop close to the Warrior. Have the Warrior assist the Rogue to target the Warlord. Once the Giants get close enough keep the Rogue running East.
  • As the Warlord passes the Warrior tag him with your Range attack and run North back up the hill. If you have timed things right you should meet the Dwarven army at the top of the hill. The Warlord should be alone and all Dwarves will make quick work of him.
  • Once the Warlord is dead you can help minimize Dwarven causualties by attacking the Giants with the Warrior and Rogue (but not the Dain unless you feel lucky). One trick is to get low health aggro (around 20-25%) and then train the Giants around letting the Dwarves pick them off one by one. It is possible to finish the mission with no losses in this manner.
  • Use the same technique for the next two waves. The waves do get harder so do everything you can to minimize the Dwarven losses.
  • The last wave with the General will begin the same way but you will not be able to tag him with the Warrior. Instead, use the Rogue to train him and the rest of the Giants into the Dwarven army. Ideally you want the General in the lead but this generally isn't possible without a lot of luck. You can try training the Giants around a bit but once the General is attacked he'll start summoning you. Keep trying to train or at least attack the General with your Warrior and Rogue. You'll most probably die a few times but it should give the Dwarven army their best chance at killing the General.
  • Once the General is dead the mission is over and you can loot his corpse before leaving.
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