Coral Diving

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Fight to the bottom of an instanced version of Thalassius,_the_Coral_Keep to find and return 10 coral stones.



  • Zone: Katta Castrum
  • NPC: Sorcerer Hearah
  • Key Phrase: fire
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Reward: Orux and Combine Faction

Mission Steps

  1. Zone into Thalassius
  2. Kill 20 Kedge
  3. Loot 10 coral stones
  4. Return 10 coral stones to Hearah


This is a relatively straight forward mission to find and return the 10 coral stones. Zone into Thalassius like you normally would (far Eastern side of Katta Castrum) and click 'Yes' when asked to zone into the instanced version.

The stones are located at the very bottom of the instance and are actually found on Coral Plants (chests) rather than mobs. This makes it relatively easy for a FD/Invis class to do although there are multiple see-invis mobs and the occasional see SoS mob to prevent this tactic (still possible and likely why its only worth 25 Orux on Tunare atm).

The general tactic is to have the group fight down to the rooms containing the coral, loot them, and then return to Hearah. Depending on what spawns it may be possible to invis and skip some mobs along the way. The mobs have a relatively short aggro radius but quad for 1500-2000 so caution is advised unless you are well geared.

Note: The "Kill 20 Kedge" was added with the 14th March patch.


  • Noticed one bug that hit me a few times before figuring it. When zoning into the instance a message box pops up asking if you wish to zone into the instance (Yes) or the regular zone (No). You hit yes but you get the zone is not ready message. So you back off of the portal but you get the popup again, hit (Yes) but the same not ready message. So you wait a bit but after 30 seconds or so you zone automatically.
Now, if you don't carefully examine where you zoned into you will not notice that you are actually in the regular zone and not in the instanced one. This is only possible to notice if there is anyone else in the zone or if there are any player corpses (which is how I finally noticed).
If you do not notice that you are in the regular zone you will fight your way down to the coral areas but find they are not there. If the coral is not in the small rooms then you are in the regular zone.
This happened a few times to me and I figured it was just some bug with the coral not spawning until I saw someone's corpse in the zone and figured out I had zoned into the regular zone without knowing it.
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