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The following format is a proposal for Class pages. Recommendations for improvement/changes/alterations are requested.


This is just a list of distinguishing features that can be answered by all classes that can be useful as an overview.

Class: What's the name of the class?
Archetype: (Melee, purecaster, priest or hybrid?)
Role: (Utility, DPS, tank, slower, healer, support, crowd control? Roles should not be seen as rigid or inflexible and classes are by no means confined to one role. Obviously, certain roles can be filled by ANY class, even a Ranger could be the group's main healer if the content is sufficiently low enough. But confine roles to level appropriate content, and what the class is generally recruited for. An overpowered Wizard, for instance, may be a tank in certain content, but Wizards are not generally requested to tank.)
Races: What races are allowed to play this class?
Alignment: Does this class have a particular alignment associated with it? Good, evil, or neutral? Paladins, for instance, must be "good," while Shadowknights and Necromancers are "evil." It should be noted that classes that can be any alignment are not neutral.
Melee skills: Is this class strong melee or weak? See Rating System. Do weapon bonuses apply?
Weapon Types: Every class can use weapons. What type of weapon is allowed by your class?
Armor: See Rating System Plate, Cloth, Leather or Chain?
Spell use: Does the class use spells? Hybrids, Priests and Purecasters, yes. Melees, no.

  • Emphasis: If the class does use spells, what types are emphasized? Direct Damage, DoTs, Damage Shields, Teleports, Charms, Roots, Mezzes, Heals, Snares, etc.?
  • Spell Damage: Every class that casts spells has damage spells? How does yours compare? See Rating System

Pet Class: Does your class get a pet as part of its spell/AA line up? (Exclude gear.) What type of pet? Summoned, Summoned single fight (Wizard sword and Cleric Hammer), Charm, swarm?

  • Pet Rating: Rate each type of pet. Nothing short of charmed pets should be rated as Devastating


This should include a few paragraphs explaining where your class excels and where its weaknesses lie.


This should include a list of Archetype and Class AAs and an explanation as to their application to your class. Hard data where possible. For instance, if the AA supplies a buff, then what stats, and for how much? Does it heal? How much off each counter, then? What level is each rank of this ability available? How many AAs does each rank cost? Explain the application to your class (if your class has a special application for it).

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