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The Special:AdvancedItemSearch page allows you to search for items according to their type and statistics.


The advanced item search works by looking for items that match all of the fields you specify. You can specify one or more fields depending on exactly what you are looking for. Fields you don't care about can be left blank or set to none/any to ignore them.


  • Item Name -- Specify part of the item name to search for. This will match any part of the full item name and is case insensitive. For example, Iron will match Iron Boots, Dagger of Iron, and Siron Steak. Leave blank to match any item name.
  • Slot -- Enter the specific inventory slot to search for. Set as any to match any slot as well as non-equippable items.
  • Item Type -- The item type further narrows down the item to search for such as the type of weapon or other miscelleanous item types.
  • Class -- Set to a search for items usable by a particular class.
  • Race -- Set to a search for items usable by a particular playable race.
  • Aug Slot -- Set to an augmentation slot type to match. For items this will include all items that have one or more of that slot type. For augments this will include any that will fit into that slot type.
  • Augmentations -- Set this option to specify how augments are included in the search. The include option will include both augments and regular items in the search results. None will omit augments and return only regular items. Only will only return augments and no regular items.
  • Stat1 - Stat3 -- Set these fields to only include results that have a specific stat. If the min/max values are left blank this will be any item that has a non-zero stat. You can specify the min, the max, or both values if you only desire a particular range for that stat. These stats will show up in the results in an extra column.
  • Sort1 - Sort3 -- Sets the custom sort order for the results. If omitted the default order is by item name. Text fields are sorted alphabetically while numeric fields are sorted from lowest to highest. The reverse sort checkbox reverses this sort order.

Example Searches

All search fields are passed in the URL so you can make links to your favorite searches for later use or to share with friends (they are long links however).

Some example searches:

  • Cleric Breastplates -- All cleric breastplates wearable by a dwarf ordered from highest HP to lowest.
  • Rogue Piercers -- All primary one hand piercers usable by a dwarven rogue ordered from highest ratio to lowest.
  • Energeian Items -- All energeian weapons/armor ordered by purity.
  • Warrior 1H Weapons -- All one handed weapons usable by a warrior ordered by proc rate showing damage, delay, and ratios.
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